Glossary of Terms

  • Automatic:
    Also referred to as a Square Bottom, Carry Out or Self-Opening bag.
  • Basis Weight:
    The finished weight of a paper based on a consistent industry standard.
  • Dry Wax:
    A process in which the paper is waxed lightly on one side. The finished paper is also referred to as Dry Wax(ed).
  • FDA Approved:
    Paper that meets all required Food and Drug Administration standards for direct food contact.
  • Gusset:
    The sides of a bag, sometimes referred to as bellows, which are measured when open from front to back.
  • Openside:
    A Pinch Bottom bag open on one side as well as the top, providing easy access for foods to be eaten directly from the package.
  • Pinch Bottom:
    A bag style, available flat or gusseted, having a pinched bottom, as opposed to a formed square bottom.
  • PMS Colors:
    The Pantone Matching System is an international printing, publishing and packaging color language providing an accurate method for selecting and matching color.
  • Tin Tie:
    A re-sealable, fold-down closure used primarily for coffee-style bags.
  • Waxed:
    A process in which wax is applied to paper.

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