Artwork Guidelines

  • Back Copy:
    Printing over the back seam is never recommended. Please contact our Graphics Department for location of back seam.
  • Bleed:
    A minimum of ¼" bleed top and bottom and from the face into the gussets is required. Window Panel Bags may not bleed from the paper into the window. An 1/8" no print zone is required.
  • Electronic Capabilities:
    Submission of art on disk in a Macintosh program is recommended. Please contact our Graphics Department for further information
  • Flood Coating:
    Solid background flood coating is not recommended, as any variance in ink consistency will appear as a blemish. WRAPS: 100% ink coverage on Wraps may cause "curl" and result in customer operational inconvenience.
  • Overprinting:
    Overprinting of multiple colors may cause "puddling" and drastically affect drying and run times resulting in a more costly bag. Please consult our Graphics Department for additional information.
  • Print Capacity:
    Maximum print capacity is four colors but varies with bag size and machine. Please call our Graphics Department for specific information.
  • Print Tolerances:
    Allow for print tolerances of +/- ¼" from top-to-bottom and +/- 1/8" from side-to-side. French Fry and other small bags require only +/- 1/8" from top-to-bottom.
  • Reverse Type:
    Always select a bold typeface when using reversed type to allow for "fill" during the printing process.
  • Screens:
    A 65-line screen is required for all screens. Minimum screen is 10%. Screens may "fill" in the printing process.
  • Templates:
    Bag and wrap templates are available. Please contact our Graphics Department for information.
  • Trap:
    When two colors touch, a 1/16" trap is mandatory. Please keep in mind that the trap between two colors creates a third color. Always trap lighter colors into darker colors to keep the image sharp.
  • Type:
    Use of a typeface with thick and thin strokes is not recommended, as they will "fill" in the printing process. Minimum type size is 10-point.

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